Why Self Awareness Is Vital In Leadership

Why Self Awareness Is Vital In Leadership

A common question that we ask ourselves is “How do I become a better leader?” The majority take the path that general qualities point towards and neglect one major factor – self-awareness. Lack of self-awareness is like walking on a path that you know nothing about. To become a successful leader, you need to understand where your natural inclination lies, you need to become self-aware.

What Exactly is Self Awareness?

Self-awareness has to do with the self-exploration and understanding of ones’ weakness, strength, personality, and emotions. Self-awareness is done by oneself and for oneself. When a leader is self-aware, they will be able to influence a higher level of productivity in their followers. This is due to the fact that they already have a sense of direction.

This particular leadership quality is uncommon in many leaders today, which is why development and growth are poor. There are so many reasons why self-awareness is vital in leadership. These reasons should prompt you to begin your journey of self-discovery if you truly want to become a better leader. Here are the four basic strategies that can help you increase your self-awareness:

1. You need to understand all the external factors that affect or trigger both your

positive and negative behaviors.

2. Consider all the circumstances around you, which has to do with analyzing when to

and when not to make use of a personality trait.

3. You need to stay curious about understanding what goes on within your mind.

4. Finally, access all your behaviors, which will help you begin to eliminate the bad

ones and develop those that will help you become a better leader.

Benefits Of Self Awareness In Leadership

1. Self-awareness empowers you as a leader because it deals with the improvement of

general knowledge and also the enablement of an individual to make better


2. Self-awareness helps to boost the effectiveness as well as the credibility of a leader.

This is achieved when your followers notice that you are fully aware of your

strength as well as your weakness. As a result of this, they will begin to trust you

more as their leader.

3. If you happen to be a leader in an organization, this particular benefit is more

pronounced. Here, self-awareness helps you to recognize the fact that you are still

learning. Introducing this to your organization as a leader gives birth to the learning

spirit in your organization as well.

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November 27, 2018

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