Talent Optimization

Talent Optimization

Is your organization performing at its absolute best? Are you struggling to overcome common obstacles like turnover, disengaged employees, bad hires, toxic culture (the list goes on and on). No matter how good your intentions are, you can’t seem to accelerate your company’s growth.

If this sounds familiar it’s probably because your company is struggling with a talent gap. This gap causes all sorts of performance problems and is why most companies fail to perform at their highest potential.

That’s why The Predictive Index is focusing on talent optimization to help companies that are falling short.

What is Talent Optimization?

Talent Optimization is a four-part discipline that details what your company needs to align your business strategy with your talent strategy. Getting the two aligned allows you to achieve your desired business results. Essentially it’s the collection, analysis, and application of people data.

The four aptitudes you must know for talent optimization are:

1. Diagnose: You’ll measure your people data, analyze that data, and prescribe remedies as needed.

2. Design: You’ll create and evolve your strategy.

3. Hire: You’ll use people data insights to hire top talent and build high-performing teams.

4. Inspire: You’ll use people data to drive important employee-oriented activities.

Behind these four aptitudes of talent optimization is the discipline’s three essential truths.

Three essential truths of talent optimization

1. Business context frames talent optimization

Talent optimization is informed by business strategy and it produces the desire business results. So in other words, business contexts “wraps” talent optimization. It will guide you in everything you do, from creating the structure of your organization to evaluating the essentially skill sets of your leadership team.

2. People data drives talent optimization

When you put people analytics at the forefront, you can make informed, objective decisions. People data helps predict workplace behavior so you can make the right hires, design the right teams, and develop an award-winning culture.

3. Everyone in the organization must embrace talent optimization

Talent optimization is powerful, but unless the entire company embraces it, it won’t be effective. When you give your entire organization access to people data, you grant them self-awareness which enables them to be better employees and create a healthier workplace.

Why talent optimization matters.

You can create a business strategy and the results you want to achieve, but if you ignore the people within your organization, you will inevitably fail at reaching those goals. Why? Because it is the people that make up your organization, it is the people that are doing the work. If you don’t invest in them and fail to strategically design high-performing teams, you’re setting yourself up to fail.

Looking to close the talent gap once and for all? Invest in talent optimization.

You can read more about talent optimization in this article by The Predictive Index, or you can speak with one of our senior partners!

From February 19, 2019

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