Episode 172: The Perks in Paving

Finding the Perks in Career Transitions

In this week’s podcast episode, Chief Victory Officer Eric Guy is joined by Mark and Paige Perkins from The Pavement Group as they discuss the challenges and perks of career transitions. They emphasize the importance of transferable skills, making an impact in new fields, and the benefits of being part of a supportive team.

In the latest episode of his podcast, Chief Victory Officer Eric Guy engages in a profound discussion with Mark and Paige Perkins from The Pavement Group. This episode dives deep into the intricacies of career transitions, highlighting the challenges, perks, and critical insights for anyone considering a significant shift in their professional journey.

One of the key themes Mark and Paige Perkins discuss is the inherent fear that accompanies career transitions. It’s natural to feel intimidated by the prospect of changing careers, especially when stepping into an unfamiliar field. However, as Mark points out, taking that leap can unlock unforeseen opportunities and pave the way to greater success. Paige adds that the initial fear often dissipates once you immerse yourself in the new role and start seeing the potential for growth and learning.

A significant point made during the podcast is the value of transferable skills. Both Mark and Paige emphasize that the expertise you develop in one career can often transition seamlessly into another. This transition can occur in surprising ways, enabling you to bring a unique perspective and skill set to your new role. Mark recounts how their backgrounds in the physical therapy field provided them with a unique toolkit that has been invaluable in his current position. Paige echoes this sentiment, illustrating with her own experiences how being a physical therapist equipped her with skills that are highly relevant and beneficial in her current career.

Despite moving to a different field, Mark and Paige stress that you can still make a significant impact. Your contributions might look different, but they remain valuable. For example, Mark highlights how his analytical skills, honed in his previous career, have enabled him to implement more efficient processes at The Pavement Group. Paige shares similar experiences, explaining how her background in physical therapy has helped streamline operations and enhance team productivity.

The importance of being part of a supportive team cannot be overstated. Mark and Paige underscore how a positive, encouraging work environment can significantly enhance job satisfaction. They note that feeling valued and supported by colleagues adds to the perks of a great job and can increase the likelihood of staying with a company long-term. Paige elaborates on how the sense of camaraderie and mutual respect at The Pavement Group has made her transition smoother and more fulfilling.

Leadership plays a crucial role in the success of career transitions. Both guests discuss how leaders who are accessible and genuinely care about their employees can make a huge difference. They mention that having leaders who are easy to reach and willing to listen eliminates the need to jump through hoops, fostering a more open and communicative work environment. This approach not only boosts morale but also encourages a culture of continuous improvement and personal growth.

Another vital takeaway from the podcast is the importance of being honest with yourself about your goals. Mark emphasizes the need to maintain discipline in pursuing these goals, even when the going gets tough. He advises listeners to stay true to their aspirations and remain focused on their long-term objectives. Paige supports this by sharing how setting clear, realistic goals has helped her navigate the complexities of her career transition and achieve success.

When prompted to give advice to anyone looking to change careers, Mark says to “always say yes for an opportunity to learn.” Both Mark and Paige advocate for maintaining an open mind and being willing to take on new challenges. They argue that every new experience, even those outside your comfort zone, can offer valuable lessons and contribute to your professional growth.

The conversation with Mark and Paige Perkins is a treasure trove of insights for anyone wondering about the perks of a career change. Their experiences highlight that while transitions can be daunting, they also offer a pathway to new opportunities and personal growth. By leveraging transferable skills, making impactful contributions, and surrounding yourself with a supportive team, you can navigate the complexities of career transitions with confidence and success.

Leaders who are approachable and genuinely care, along with a commitment to honesty and discipline in pursuing your goals, can further enhance your journey. And perhaps most importantly, never shy away from opportunities to learn and grow—every step, no matter how small, brings you closer to your ultimate success.

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