Episode 171: 19 Out of 20

19 Out of 20 Days Will Be a Good Day

In this week’s podcast episode, Chief Victory Officer, Eric Guy, is joined by Kevin Heher, president of Liberty Insurance Agency. They discuss how to bounce back from tough times, build a supportive community, and make every day (at least 19 out of 20) count.

In this week’s insightful podcast episode, Eric Guy, Chief Victory Officer, engages in a profound conversation with Kevin Heher, close friend of his and president of Liberty Insurance Agency. Together, they delve into the essence of resilience, the significance of community, and the art of seizing every moment. Through their dialogue, listeners are encouraged to navigate through tough times, prioritize relationships, and harness the power of each day.

Life is a journey filled with highs and lows, and Eric Guy and Kevin Heher advocate for embracing this reality with open arms. They propose a mindset shift where individuals acknowledge that amidst 20 work days, not every day will be stellar. In fact, they highlight the importance of accepting setbacks as integral parts of the journey towards success. As Kevin aptly phrases it, “Embrace the bad days.” This acceptance of the ebb and flow of life fosters resilience and equips individuals with the strength to persevere through challenges.

Central to their discussion is the idea of prioritizing relationships and nurturing a supportive community. Kevin emphasizes that in every business, regardless of its nature, people are the ultimate cornerstone. He states, “Every business is a people business and our people are our number 1 asset.” This sentiment underscores the vital role that interpersonal connections play in personal and professional growth. Eric and Kevin advocate for surrounding oneself with individuals who uplift, challenge, and support each other, forming a symbiotic network of encouragement and empowerment.

Furthermore, the podcast highlights the transformative power of community. Eric and Kevin stress the importance of seeking out environments where open dialogue and shared experiences are celebrated. Such communities serve as incubators for growth, providing fertile ground for ideas to flourish and ambitions to be realized. Through collective wisdom and shared insights, individuals can navigate obstacles with greater ease and emerge stronger and more resilient.

A key takeaway from the episode is the notion of making every day count. Both Eric and Kevin advocate for seizing the present moment and maximizing its potential. Kevin makes a point that of every work day in a month, there is most likely going to be one bad day. It’s up to you to make the other 19 days count. They encourage listeners to adopt a proactive approach to life, where each day is seen as an opportunity to make progress and achieve small victories. By winning today, individuals lay the foundation for success not only in the immediate future but also in the weeks, months, and years to come.

In essence, Eric Guy and Kevin Heher’s conversation serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of resilience, community, and seizing the day. Through their insights, listeners are inspired to embrace the inevitable ups and downs of life, prioritize meaningful relationships, and approach each day with intentionality and purpose. As Kevin eloquently puts it, “Make the most of each day, because today is the building block for tomorrow.” This statement also shows that what we put into our lives is what we get out of life.

In conclusion, the podcast episode featuring Eric Guy and Kevin Heher offers invaluable lessons for navigating life’s challenges and maximizing its opportunities. By embracing resilience, prioritizing relationships, and making those 19 out of 20 days count, individuals can embark on a journey of growth, fulfillment, and success. As listeners reflect on the wisdom shared in this episode, they are empowered to cultivate a mindset of resilience, forge meaningful connections, and seize each day with unwavering determination.

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