Episode 133: Cultivating Trust and Releasing Self-Judgment

Releasing self-judgment starts with leaning into your intuition.

In this week’s episode,

Chief Victory Officer, Eric Guy, is joined by Alex Pursglove, Business and Transformation Coach. They discuss the importance of focusing on trust, intuition, and self-judgment so you can experience more joy and fulfillment in life.

In the complex tapestry of human experience, the threads of intuition, trust, and self-belief are the foundations on which our personal growth and creative potential flourish. The significance of trusting ourselves and others, while silencing our inner critic, cannot be overstated. These practices not only help us tap into our desires and creativity but also propel us toward self-discovery, accomplishment, and limitless expansion.

Intuition, that quiet inner voice, serves as a guiding force that connects us to our deepest desires and motivations. It pushes us beyond our comfort zones into the realm of growth and transformation. Intuition bridges the gap between our conscious thoughts and our innate yearnings, allowing us to perceive possibilities that rational analysis might miss. It acts as a compass, pointing us toward new territories of creativity and innovation, encouraging us to explore the unfamiliar with an open mind.

To harness the power of intuition, we must increase our awareness. By reflecting on our thoughts and desires, we gain insights into what might be holding us back. Often, fear disguises itself as a barrier, preventing us from pursuing our dreams. Facing these fears head-on empowers us to overcome them and evolve personally.

A crucial aspect of self-trust is acknowledging the connection between our desires and the inner critic. The inner critic, often linked to imposter syndrome, chips away at our self-belief by convincing us we’re not good enough. It shadows our accomplishments and obscures our brilliance. We need to expose this critic for what it is, dismissing its unfounded claims and granting ourselves permission to thrive.

When was the last time we celebrated our achievements? Frequently, we tend to focus on areas needing improvement rather than basking in our successes. This habit of self-criticism diminishes self-trust. By embracing even the smallest victories, we ignite self-confidence, injecting vitality into our growth journey.

Authentic transformation comes from aligning self-awareness with intentional action. This often requires stepping out of our comfort zones, embracing discomfort, and acknowledging that it’s in these challenging spaces where we grow the most. By bridging the gap between our thoughts and actions, we amplify our ability to innovate and progress.

Authenticity is key to holistic growth. Emotions must be acknowledged and expressed for any action to have a solid foundation. Pushing forward without acknowledging our feelings is akin to building on shaky ground. Compassion toward ourselves breaks the chains of self-judgment, providing room to learn, adapt, and thrive.

Trusting oneself and others while quieting the inner critic unlocks the potential within us. Intuition acts as a guiding light, urging us to expand our boundaries and think creatively. By being aware of our thoughts and desires, we can untangle the barriers that hold us back. Recognizing the interplay between our desires and the inner critic helps us overcome self-doubt. Celebrating victories and embracing emotions form the basis of self-trust, while aligned action drives us toward our goals.

In summary, the threads of intuition, self-trust, and managing the inner critic are interwoven, leading us on a journey of self-discovery and limitless growth. Trusting ourselves and others, while quieting the critical inner voice, initiates a symphony of growth, creativity, and transformation that reverberates throughout every aspect of our lives.

– “Make our fear move over to the passenger seat.”
– “Recognize your ‘but what if’ spirals.”
– “How often are you celebrating your wins?”
– “How often are you focusing on what you did well, instead of what you could have done better?”
– “How often are you responding to yourself with negativity and criticism when you made a mistake?”
– “You can’t feel alive when you’re not living in the now.”

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