Episode 132: Promoting Health and Wellbeing

Real wellbeing is threefold—physical, mental, and emotional.

In this week’s episode, Chief Victory Officer, Eric Guy, is joined by Elyse Wagner, Co-Owner and Chief Wellbeing Officer at The Functional Medicine Coaching Academy. They discuss how functional medicine can promote and benefit our health and wellbeing.

In our pursuit of good health and holistic wellbeing, we face challenges that go beyond physical health alone. Autoimmune or chronic diseases, increasingly prevalent in our modern world, demand a multifaceted approach that encompasses emotional, mental, and social dimensions. Functional medicine, a paradigm that considers these interconnected aspects, emerges as a powerful tool to enhance our overall health and wellbeing.

When confronting autoimmune or chronic diseases, it’s crucial to acknowledge their impact on our bodies, minds, and spirits. Beyond physical symptoms, these conditions bring emotional turmoil, mental strain, and social isolation. Adopting a holistic perspective allows us to address the complexity of wellbeing, weaving together thoughts, feelings, relationships, and environments into our healing journey.

Functional medicine takes a client-centered approach that recognizes each individual’s unique path. Practitioners meet us where we stand, tailoring interventions to our specific needs. This personalized approach nurtures trust and collaboration, enabling us to work closely with experts who genuinely care about our wellbeing. By aligning interventions with our personal experiences, functional medicine ensures that the journey toward healing resonates deeply.

The remarkable reality is that approximately 80% of chronic illnesses and diseases can be alleviated through lifestyle and behavioral changes. This statistic underscores the profound impact of our choices on our overall wellbeing. Beyond relying solely on medications, functional medicine empowers us to proactively manage our health by adopting habits that promote wellness. From optimizing sleep and engaging in regular physical activity to practicing mindfulness and nurturing positive relationships, these shifts can lead to meaningful transformations.

Amid our busy lives, we often overlook our internal wisdom. Functional medicine encourages us to pause and listen to our bodies. By tuning in, we can detect imbalances and address them early, preventing the development of chronic illnesses. This heightened self-awareness enables us to make informed decisions that support our wellbeing, turning the practice of tuning in into an act of self-care.

Our choices are deeply rooted in belief systems derived from core values. Functional medicine recognizes the importance of addressing these beliefs to foster lasting wellbeing. By reevaluating and reframing our beliefs, we lay the groundwork for choices that align with our unique needs and values. This transformative process delves into the core of our identities, shaping how we perceive ourselves and the world around us.

A fundamental principle of functional medicine is self-advocacy. You are not a passive recipient of healthcare, but an active participant in your journey to wellbeing. Equipped with knowledge about your body, mind, and spirit, you can make informed choices that reflect your unique needs. This empowerment goes beyond the traditional healthcare dynamic, enabling you to shape your health journey and take control of your wellbeing.

In conclusion, functional medicine offers a comprehensive approach to our pursuit of health and wellbeing. It acknowledges that chronic illnesses involve more than physical symptoms, encompassing emotional, mental, and social dimensions. By adopting a client-centered approach, practitioners build trust and collaboration. The potential of lifestyle changes to alleviate chronic diseases highlights the significance of our choices.

As we listen to our bodies, we amplify our internal wisdom, connecting with insights that guide us toward optimal health. The intricate connection between belief systems, values, and choices is addressed, allowing us to build a foundation for wellbeing. Ultimately, functional medicine empowers us to be our own health advocates, steering our lives toward vitality and embracing a journey that encompasses every facet of our existence. This path honors our wholeness – a journey toward vibrant health and holistic wellbeing.

– Autoimmune or chronic disease is not just about the nutritional aspect. We have to consider and create a space for the emotional, mental and social impact that these diseases have on us.
– Coaches should take a “client-centered” approach: They are going to meet you where you are.
– 80% of chronic illness and disease can be helped with lifestyle and behavioral changes.
– Tune in and turn up your own internal wisdom and volume.
– Our choices come from our belief systems, which stem from our values.
– You can be your best health advocate and make the right choices that will serve you.

– “Lead without a title.”
– “Step into your own wellbeing and own it.”
– “Turn down all of the external noise.”
– “Tune in and turn up your own internal wisdom and volume.”

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