Episode 121: The New ‘Guy’ On The Block

In this week’s episode, Chief Victory Officer, Eric Guy is joined by Toni Guy, the newest member of the Guy family. Toni shares what has helped her to embrace her in-laws as family, as well as how she keeps her marriage thriving.

– If you commit to being open and honest in your marriage, your communication will improve.
– Allow yourself to be authentic, because you will reveal your true self eventually.
– Stick close to your family.
– Try a weekly reset with your family. Check in on how your week was, what you need from each other, what you did well, and what you did not do well.
– Lean in to what your family/in-laws have to offer.

– “How you interact with each other feeds in to how you interact with your individual families.”
– “It’s not a burden to add new family members to your life.”

Make this your BEST DAY YET!

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