Episode 120: Leadership Trends For 2023

In this week’s episode, Chief Victory Officer, Eric Guy and Master Chair of Vistage Worldwide, Dick Singer, discuss leadership trends for 2023.

They also share how leaders can contribute to their employees wellbeing and happiness.

– It is critical that leaders have empathy and emotional intelligence to understand their employees.
– Employees want to feel valued by their leaders.
– Educate your employees by investing in them.
– Employers need to be open and transparent so their employees feel they can be heard.
– Don’t rely on your gut feeling when hiring new employees.
– When you empower your employees to do their job, you’ll experience increased engagement and growth, because you’re giving them an opportunity to be their own boss.
– Create a psychologicallysafe culture for your employees.
– Make sure that your employees know your company’s vision so they can feel apart of it and live it.

– When you invest in your employees, you get a lot more stickiness.
– Have a ‘to do’ list and ‘to don’t’ list.
– Focus on employee well-being and happiness.

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