Episode 117: I’m Getting a Good Vibration

In this week’s episode, Chief Victory Officer, Eric Guy and former hospice nurse, Marissa Host, discuss the difference between good and bad vibes, what that can mean for relationships, and how good vibes can lead to better health!

– When you take the time to listen to people who have good vibes, you remain in a good frequency.
– If you don’t understand the difference between good and bad vibes,  you can’t be an effective leader in your company, workplace, and home.
– Those in your inner circle can provide positive influences in your life.
– Positive and negative energies can be likened to the ocean. When two positive waves meet, they produce more energy/positivity, and they build on each other.  When negative and positive waves meet, they flatline and no energy is produced.
– Physiological alignment: You have the ability to bring the positive vibes up in your workplace and home.
– Trust your instincts. Avoid people who are unregulated and negative. Do they talk poorly about people, others’ successes, or you?

– If you’re vibrating at a high level, it’s easier for those around you.
– Physiological alignment – you have the ability to bring the positive vibe up.
– You can still love people from afar.
– Capture your negative thoughts, stop then in their tracks, and assess why you’re acting that way.

Make this your best day yet!

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