Episode 116: In The Zone

In this week’s episode, Chief Victory Officer, Eric Guy, shares how to identify an ideal job role for a person based on their behaviors, and how to know when you are “in the zone.” He also shows how to create an ideal work role and how to work toward that role.

– To engage your team, assess the following:
    • Job Fit: What will you do, and will you do it well for long periods of time?
    • Manager: Get the right person in the right seat.
    • Team: It’s not that you have the wrong team; it may be that your team doesn’t know what they have.
    • Culture: Make sure that both the employees and managers fit your culture.
– There is a difference between “can” and “will.”
– When you don’t have to behave any differently then what comes natural to you, it will take less effort, and you’ll be more engaged.
– Does your talent align with your business strategy to achieve the business results that you want? It doesn’t always mean adding to your team.
– If you are interviewing for a job, you should be asking what the behavioral requirements are for the job.
– When you have someone who is “in the zone”, they’ll be more engaged, productive and efficient.

– “It’s not always that you’re on the wrong team, it’s maybe that the team doesn’t know what they have.”
– “When you don’t have to behave any different then what comes natural to you, it will take less effort and you’ll be more engaged.”
– “Does my talent align with my business strategy to get me the business results that I want?”

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