Episode 107: Everybody Needs A Don

In this episode, Chief Victory Officer Eric Guy talks about having an inner circle of trusted friends. He breaks down the qualities you should look for in a close friend, and ways that you can be a better friend to others.


Key Takeaways:

  • You need an inner circle of trusted friends to build you up when you are down, and to ground you when you are about to make a mistake.
  • Your close friends will have your confidence, and you will have theirs. Trust is essential to a good relationship.
  • You should respect the values and opinions of your closest friends, or it will be difficult to trust them.


  • “Who you surround yourself with is going to affect you on a fundamental human level, both professionally and personally.”
  • “Not every friendship is forever.”
  • “A true friend will not try to create a wedge between you and anybody else.”
  • “It’s hard to do things with people and be around people you don’t respect.”

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