Episode 168: Stop Holding Back, Start Being You

Balance Your Life and Start Being You

In this week’s podcast episode, Chief Victory Officer, Eric Guy, is joined by Shannon Talbot, author, speaker and life coach. They offer strategies for balancing responsibilities while prioritizing personal fulfillment and being happy.

In the latest episode of our podcast series, Chief Victory Officer Eric Guy sits down with Shannon Talbot, a renowned author, speaker, and life coach. Together, they delve into the art of balancing responsibilities while prioritizing personal fulfillment and happiness.

One of the key messages resonating throughout the episode is the importance of letting go of guilt when pursuing our dreams. Too often, we find ourselves held back by feelings of guilt, whether it’s for prioritizing our own happiness or taking time for ourselves. Shannon urge listeners to “drop the guilt” and embrace their dreams without hesitation.

Instead of dwelling in guilt, Shannon suggests to Eric that reframing our mindset is the best way to approach growth. By asking ourselves how our pursuit of happiness benefits others, we can turn guilt into a driving force for positive change. This shift in perspective empowers us to see our personal fulfillment as not just a selfish endeavor but as a means to uplift and inspire those in our lives. Shannon echoes this sentiment, stating, “Find one thing every day that brings you joy.”

On tough days, it can be easy to lose sight of our goals and aspirations. That’s why Eric and Shannon emphasize the importance of daily reminders of our “why.” Whether it’s through journaling, affirmations, or visualization exercises, regularly reconnecting with the reasons behind our dreams can serve as a lifeline, fueling our motivation and resilience in the face of challenges. As Shannon suggests, “Commit to your vision and put in the hard work every day.” Being reminded of our “why” on a daily basis is the easiest way to stay consistent with our goals.

Committing to our vision and putting in the hard work every day is another crucial theme discussed in the episode. Fulfillment doesn’t come without effort, and Eric and Shannon remind us that achieving our dreams requires dedication, perseverance, and a willingness to push through obstacles. In Shannon’s words, “Identify and overcome obstacles standing between you and your dreams.”

Speaking of obstacles, Eric and Shannon encourage listeners to identify and overcome the barriers standing between them and their dreams. Whether it’s self-doubt, fear of failure, or external challenges, they remind us that every obstacle is an opportunity for growth and transformation. By facing these obstacles head-on and adopting a proactive mindset, we can pave the way towards our desired future.

At the heart of their discussion is the idea of prioritizing happiness without letting other responsibilities overshadow it. While it’s essential to fulfill our obligations and commitments, Eric and Shannon emphasize that our happiness should never be sacrificed in the process. By consciously making space for joy and fulfillment in our lives, we are being more balanced and meaningful in our existence.

As a practical takeaway, Eric and Shannon urge listeners to find joy in at least one thing every day, no matter how small. Whether it’s savoring a cup of coffee in the morning, taking a walk in nature, or spending quality time with loved ones, cultivating moments of joy and being in the moment can have a profound impact on our overall well-being. In Shannon’s words, “Find joy in at least one thing every day, no matter how small.”

In conclusion, Eric Guy and Shannon Talbot’s podcast episode offers a wealth of insights and strategies for embracing fulfillment and happiness in our lives. From dropping the guilt to prioritizing joy, their wisdom serves as a guiding light for anyone on the journey towards a more fulfilling existence. So, let’s heed their advice, commit to our dreams, and embrace the beauty of living a life filled with purpose and happiness.

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