Benefits of a 360 Review

Benefits of a 360 Review

What is a 360-degree performance review?

A 360degree review is a process through which feedback from an employee’s peers, manager and manager once removed, as well as a self-evaluation by the employee themselves, is gathered.

But what are the benefits of receiving feedback from so many raters? Below is a list of 5 benefits of a 360 review.

1)Increased Self-Awareness

The report you receive includes both your strengths as wells as your areas for improvement. This gives a better insight into your behavior and the perception others have of you. All of this allows for a deeper understanding of yourself.

2) Well-Rounded View

Because the report is completed by people from multiple levels, you receive a well-rounded, balanced view of skills and behaviors – meaning you get a more accurate and fair depiction of your strengths and weaknesses.

3) Leverages Strengths

A 360 review helps pinpoint strengths which helps with personal improvement. Identifying strengths allows for a tailored development and training plan which is important for career growth.

4) Identifying Blindspots

You may not notice parts of your behavior that others do. A 360 helps uncover those blindspots, which is important for continuous self-improvement. This doesn’t just mean the negative behaviors, but positive ones as well. It will help you focus on developing the positives and scaling back on the negatives

5) Developing Skills

A 360 review gives you a starting point for developing new skills which includes strengthening current skills and developing new ones. It also gives you as the employee ownership over your own improvement through the creation of a customized development plan.

Unfortunately, 360-degree reviews sometimes have a negative connotation to them because people feel it only points out areas for improvement. But the truth is, when done (and read) correctly, a 360 review will highlight just as many strengths as it will weaknesses. And identifying both is the first step to creating a development plan that will help your career growth.

From February 5, 2019

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