Episode 153: Purpose, Passion, and Pajamas

Embracing Purpose to Transform Your Life

In this week’s podcast episode, Chief Victory Officer, Eric Guy, is joined by Genevieve Piturro, a renowned speaker, consultant and author. They discuss why finding your purpose can transform your life.

Genevieve Piturro was a young television executive in New York City, climbing the corporate ladder and on her way to becoming extremely successful. One day, she suddenly had a thought-provoking question: “If this is the next 30 years of your life, is this enough?” This question sent her down a path of finding her true calling in life; working with children.

While still working as an executive, she began volunteering at a children’s shelter. She noticed how dirty they were and even saw that they were put to bed in the same clothes, so she asked the other volunteers if she could bring pajamas next time. When passing out the pajamas to the children, one little girl asked Genevieve a question that changed the trajectory of her life forever, “What are pajamas?”.

Genevieve talks about her journey from successful television marketing executive to nonprofit leader who has now donated over 8 million new pajamas and books to children and shelters around the country. She is a renowned speaker and shares her key to finding purpose with millions across the world.

One of the fundamental takeaways from their dialogue was the sheer significance of purpose in our lives. Genevieve Piturro, known for her inspiring talks and profound insights, emphasized the importance of dedicating even just one hour per week to nurturing our passions. She illuminated how this commitment holds the potential to catalyze a profound transformation in our lives, urging listeners to embrace this practice fervently.

Tuning into one’s heart’s voice emerged as a recurring theme throughout the discussion. Both Eric and Genevieve underscored the paramount importance of listening to that internal compass, recognizing it as the true guiding force that leads us toward fulfillment and contentment. Without that internal compass, we will always feel that empty spot inside of us that can never reach its true potential.

Intriguingly, the conversation shifted toward the correlation between one’s purpose and success in any given role. Genevieve passionately advocated for aligning oneself with their true calling, emphasizing how this alignment breeds success and satisfaction, fostering a sense of fulfillment that transcends mere professional achievements.

The episode also highlighted the significance of sharing our calling with others. Genevieve eloquently spoke about spreading the influence of our purpose as a means to inspire and uplift those around us. She emphasized the ripple effect that occurs when individuals passionately share their purpose, creating a chain reaction of positivity and motivation.

Quotable moments peppered the discussion, encapsulating the essence of their conversation. The phrase “Slide or jump” echoed the idea of taking a leap of faith towards one’s purpose, symbolizing the choice to either ease into this life change or take bold, purpose-driven actions towards the things you want to achieve. Another thought-provoking quote posed a challenging question: “If this is the next 30 years of your life, is this enough?” Encouraging introspection, it nudges individuals to ponder whether their current path aligns with their purpose and aspirations. Genevieve reflects on how that question encouraged her to jump into this new passion.

Throughout the episode, valuable resources were shared, including an exercise recommended by Genevieve Piturro to assist in uncovering one’s purpose. This 90-minute exercise, available at Genevieve Piturro’s website, serves as a valuable tool for individuals seeking clarity and direction on their journey to find their purpose in life.

Furthermore, Eric and Genevieve touched upon the implications of purpose within organizations. Genevieve advocated for companies to recruit individuals whose purpose resonates, even subtly, with the company’s mission. This alignment, she highlighted, fosters a more engaged and motivated workforce, ultimately benefiting both the individuals and the organization.

In closing, the episode left listeners with a renewed sense of the transformative potential of purpose in our lives. Eric Guy and Genevieve Piturro masterfully navigated through the depths of purpose, illuminating its significance in fostering personal fulfillment, success, and meaningful human connections. The conversation served as a beacon of inspiration, urging all to embark on their purpose-driven journey, one hour at a time.

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