Episode 130: Healing Through Hockey

Introducing the Pittsburgh Warriors—a community of veterans who love their country and love hockey.

In this week’s episode, Chief Victory Officer, Eric Guy, is joined by Dave Jackel, President of the Pittsburgh Warriors. They discuss how our veterans are healing through hockey and how our community can provide support.

In the United States, the men and women who have served in the military have made tremendous sacrifices to protect the nation and uphold its values. However, after returning home from their service, many veterans face challenges in reintegrating into civilian life, coping with the psychological scars of war, and finding a sense of purpose. It is essential that we, as a society, provide them with a supportive and inclusive community that recognizes their contributions and invests resources to help them heal and thrive. Dave Jackel and his organization, the Pittsburgh Warriors Hockey, have exemplified the importance of building such a community for veterans, offering them a safe space for camaraderie, healing, and personal growth.

Every veteran deserves a safe space where they can find understanding, support, and purpose. For some, this may be a spouse, a friend, or a fellow veteran who can relate to their experiences. The Pittsburgh Warriors Hockey provides exactly this kind of environment, allowing veterans with service-connected disabilities to come together and engage in a shared passion for hockey. This sport serves as a cathartic experience, helping them channel their emotions and energy into something positive and empowering. The sense of camaraderie and mutual understanding that develops within the team provides a safe space for veterans to open up about their struggles and seek healing together.

The Pittsburgh Warriors Hockey organization aims to create a culture of healing for its members. Through their shared love for hockey, they enable veterans to find a sense of purpose beyond their military service, helping them transition into civilian life with a renewed sense of identity. Playing hockey provides an outlet for veterans to express themselves physically and emotionally, promoting mental well-being and personal growth. The team members support each other through both victories and challenges, fostering an environment where veterans feel valued, understood, and encouraged to seek help when needed. By nurturing this culture of healing, the Pittsburgh Warriors contribute to a positive and empowering reintegration experience for veterans.

At its core, the Pittsburgh Warriors Hockey organization promotes brotherhood and camaraderie. Just as they did during their military service, the veterans form deep bonds with their teammates on and off the ice. These connections help combat the feelings of isolation that some veterans experience when transitioning to civilian life. By encouraging teamwork and collaboration, the organization teaches its members the value of mutual support, instilling a sense of belonging that is crucial for veterans as they face the challenges of life after service. The friendships formed within the team serve as a vital social support system, reminding veterans that they are not alone on their journey to healing and personal growth.

One of the most rewarding aspects of investing in our veterans and building a supportive community is witnessing the positive impact it has had on their lives and communities, and hearing them say, “Thank you.” The Pittsburgh Warriors Hockey organization, with the support of the community, is not only helping veterans heal but also creating a ripple effect of positivity. By empowering veterans to become productive and engaged members of society, the organization is shaping a more compassionate and understanding public perception of veterans. Additionally, by proudly wearing the Pittsburgh Penguins logo on their jerseys, the Pittsburgh Warriors strive to be exemplars of excellence in both sports and community involvement, further inspiring others to contribute to the wellbeing of veterans.

In conclusion, the significance of building a strong community and investing resources in our veterans cannot be overstated. The Pittsburgh Warriors Hockey organization, led by Dave Jackel, is a shining example of the positive impact such initiatives can have on veterans’ lives and the broader community. By providing a safe space, fostering a culture of healing, promoting brotherhood, and encouraging community involvement, the Pittsburgh Warriors exemplify how a collective effort can create a better future for our veterans. As a society, we must continue to support and uplift our veterans, recognizing their sacrifices and helping them find purpose, healing, and camaraderie upon their return from service. The work of the Pittsburgh Warriors serves as a powerful reminder that when we invest in our veterans, the entire community thrives and becomes stronger together.

– Find a safe space where you can find a release and purpose, whether that is your spouse, friend, or a fellow veteran.
– Create a culture of healing for those hurting.
– Promote brotherhood in your community.
– The best reward you could ask for is to be appreciated.

– “Everyone has a need or a hole that they need to fill.”
– “Your brain is built to learn anything, but it’s learning things in a certain way.”

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