Episode 119: The Obstacle Is The Way

In this week’s episode, Chief Victory Officer, Eric Guy is joined by COO at Adventures in Training with a Purpose (ATP) and Co-founder of Aurelius, Sarah Kolb. They discuss how adventures make up a critical component of the mind, body and soul.

– We all have obstacles (physical or emotional), and the only way to grow through those obstacles is to face them head on.
– When someone has experienced a traumatic event, the pathways in the brain can become damaged or underutilized. TMS targets these damaged areas, so that the pathways can be reforged.
– Treat the soul by finding healing in nature.
– Complex movements aid in strenghtening cognitive function.
– No goal is too small, or not important. If a goal is personal, it is important.

– “Whatever stands in the way becomes the way.”
– “Everyone has a mountain to climb, and we’re here to climb it with you.”
– “Adventure empowers the soul.”

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