Episode 110: Your One Word

In this week’s episode, Chief Victory Officer, Eric Guy and Chief Joy Officer, Faith Guy, discuss why their family chose one word for the year, and how focusing on an attribute or characteristic for the year can benefit you.

• How to keep your word front and center: put visuals on your devices and vision board, tell others in your community, and make it a part of your identity.
• Sometimes you don’t know for months how your word will affect you, but you will get it.
• To come up with a word, ask yourself “What are my goals telling me about what my year is going to look like?”
• Your perspective on life can change with every word you choose.
• Having a word for the year will hold yourself accountable for the year.

“I want my fire to be so bright, that it ignites all of you.”

Make this your best day yet!

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